“Video is not something we watch. It’s something we experience” (Stefano Fake)

THE FAKE FACTORY is an italian ART Studio specialized in creating extraordinary immersive experiences using multimedia technology and digital media.

Directed by the italian artist FAKE (, the fake factory ( is the result of the collaboration between artists, designers and creatives with backgrounds in art, architecture, design, communication, computer technology and digital media. The fake Factory conceive and implement unique, highly immersive experiences integrating art, design, computer engineering and digital media.


In the third millennium the experience of art has to become more and more emotional.

Since 2001,  The Fake Factory has explored the computer’s potential to create both virtual and physical art forms that embrace the concept of space. Through the use of immersion, interaction, and manipulation of both virtual and physical space, The Fake Factory creates powerful aesthetic environments that enable audiences to experience alternative realities. Immersive installations satisfy the viewer’s inherent desire to escape physical reality and become part of the art experience itself.

The Fake Factory creates extraordinary large-scale combinations of art, technology and immersion. “We love for people to be inside the artwork and have that experience. In the digital world, there is no border between space and object. Art Meets Tech for a Truly Immersive Experience.”


For today’s audiences, merely observing is not enough. I think there is always a demand for creating something new and different that hasn’t been explored. Innovations of production also make experiential art possible. There’s pressure on art these days to be much more than just an object.


Some of the greatest video artists who have been creating experiential environments for years—such as Bill Viola, Stefano Fake, Pipilotti Rist, Peter Greenaway—are masters of technology, known to manipulate light, sound and images in innovative ways to create their artworks.

The Fake Factory custom high-impact experiences. Its expertise includes concept and art direction, digital technology development and integration, complete project management and production of complex digital environments and installations.